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Skin Prick test

With skin prick testing type 1 allergies, which are IgE mediated, are diagnosed.
Drops of allergen solution are put on the forearm of the patient. With sterile lancets, small amounts of the allergen penetrate the skin. If the patient shows a sensitization after a few minutes there will be a little swelling and redness. After 15-20 minutes, the diameter of the wheal is measured. Considering the patients history together with the skin prick test allows the physician to diagnose allergy.
To make sure the test is working, there always needs to be a positive control (histamine solution) which has to show a positive result and a negative control which has to remain negative.
There is no age limit to skin prick testing.
Prior to skin prick testing some drugs like for example antihistamines, need to be stopped. If you need skin prick testing, Dr. Annette Gerber will advise you whether to stop your medication.
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